Motorcycle accidents: Motorcyclist sentenced after guilty plea

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Motorcycle accidents often result in severe injuries. While helmets may protect the motorcyclists from head and brain injuries, their bodies have little or no protection. Injuries to the limbs and internal injuries are quite commonly suffered by victims of motorcycle accidents. A Pennsylvania man was recently sentenced in court after pleading guilty to charges following an accident in July of last year.

It was reported that the motorcyclist fled from police who tried to stop him in a traffic stop. In the subsequent chase, he reportedly traveled at speeds exceeding 100 mph. While attempting to outrun the police, the motorcyclist smashed into another motorcycle rider, did not stop and continued his attempt to evade the authorities. The other rider suffered severe leg injuries.

An investigation was launched, and detectives found motorcycle pieces that were presumably used as evidence of the motorcycle accident in the man’s neighbor’s trash where the fleeing motorcyclist evidently tried to hide them. When police contacted him, he reportedly admitted to fleeing and causing an accident. The charges to which he pleaded guilty included fleeing from police and tampering with the evidence that could link him to the accident, along with causing and leaving an accident involving bodily injury or death.

The motorcyclist received a three- to six-month prison sentence with work release eligibility. He will be on probation for two years and has to provide restitution to the accident victim. Pennsylvania residents who have suffered severe injuries in motorcycle accidents that resulted from the negligence of others may pursue compensation for medical expenses. A successful personal injury claim in a civil court may lead to monetary restitution for all documented losses.

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