Injured security officer awaiting workers’ compensation decision

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An atomic power plant worker in Pennsylvania claims to have suffered severe injuries when he was knocked out by an office refrigerator in October of last year. The 26-year-old worker is pursuing a claim for compensation and recently appeared before a judge in a workers’ compensation hearing. The outcome of the hearing is currently pending.

The worker described that he arrived at the small security office in the watchtower at the start of his shift in the early morning hours of Oct. 13, 2014. He claimed to have completed routine tasks before sitting down at the computer stand to eat. Reportedly, a shelf above the stand was holding a microwave oven and a refrigerator; it collapsed, causing the refrigerator to fall onto his head and knock him unconscious. He stated that he suffered pain in his head, back and left arm when he recovered from unconsciousness and experienced dizziness when he tried to stand up and call for help. He was apparently only transported to a medical facility after more than three hours.

During the hearing, the worker’s mental and physical health prior to the injury were questioned, but he indicated that he had passed several written, oral and physical tests before his employment was confirmed in 2011. The worker apparently suffers from anxiety and vertigo as a result of the accident, and he asserted that he cannot afford to continue with treatment required for his orthopedic and neurological injuries. His attorney indicated that he was medically unfit to return to work.

This Pennsylvania worker now has to wait for the judge’s decision regarding his workers’ compensation claim. Many workers injured on-the-job choose to seek assistance from an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. The attorney will protect the interests of the injured worker throughout the proceedings, including an appeal if the initial claim is denied. 

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