Driver charged after causing TBI in a serious car accident

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The consequences of reckless driving are often devastating and can change the lives of injured victims forever, and in fatal accidents, it is often the lives of surviving family members that will always have a void. A Pennsylvania man, who suffered traumatic brain injury in a serious car accident on an afternoon in July of last year, is now one of the statistics of accidents allegedly caused by reckless drivers. After an affidavit of probable cause, the driver who is accused of causing this man’s injuries was released on his own recognizance and is awaiting a scheduled preliminary hearing.

An investigation that followed the two-vehicle accident on Route 31 determined that the 34-year-old driver caused the severe injuries that were suffered by a passenger in the other car. The accused driver claimed that he was unable to avoid the rear-end collision as the other driver turned in front of him without warning. However, the woman who drove the other vehicle asserted that she had indicated her intention to turn and reduced speed to approximately 10 mph before turning.

Investigators determined that the accident scene showed no evidence of braking by the accused driver, and they concluded that his speed at the time of the accident might have been as high as 65 mph. Investigators also revealed that the man was traveling on an invalid driver’s license after a DUI suspension. In addition to reckless driving and the license violation, the charges he is facing include failing to keep a safe following distance and endangering the lives of other people.

The financial repercussions of traumatic brain injuries are known to continue for many years, if not for life. In addition to medical expenses and physical challenges, the family may suffer ongoing emotional trauma. Victims of a serious car accident that resulted in catastrophic injuries of any kind have the option to pursue monetary compensation. A personal injury claim will require accurate documentation of medical expenses and other losses, along with a successful presentation in a Pennsylvania civil court.

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