Semi-truck crash on I-80 in Jan. 2013 leads to lawsuit

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Pennsylvania residents may recall the massive accident involving three semi-trucks on the icy I-80 in Jan. 2013. One of the three truck drivers that were involved in the semi-truck crash has recently filed a lawsuit against the companies who own the other vehicles that were involved in the accident. These vehicles included three trucks and a passenger vehicle.

The lawsuit states that one tractor-trailer was eastbound on I-80 that was covered with ice and snow. The driver apparently failed to maintain control of the vehicle, causing it to jackknife. This caused an obstruction and the driver of a second semi-truck — travelling in the same direction — reportedly failed to avoid the obstruction and smashed into the jackknifed truck. The plaintiff alleges that a third truck driver caused the accident when he failed to control his truck and distracted the drivers of the two semi-trucks, causing them to crash.

The next vehicle to crash into the two semi-trucks was a passenger car, and that was followed by the semi-truck of the plaintiff. He accuses all the other drivers of negligent driving, not keeping a lookout for other traffic and other related accusations. In addition, the plaintiff accuses the owners of the other vehicles of employing driving staff who were unable to operate their vehicles properly on the highway. He claims to have suffered traumatic brain injury, hearing loss and cognitive problems, along with other conditions.

Both the plaintiff and his wife are each claiming more than $50,000 from each defendant in compensation for damages and loss of consortium respectively. Motorists in Pennsylvania who have suffered severe injuries in a semi-truck crash that was caused by the negligence of another party may choose to pursue recovery of damages that was brought about by the accident. Filing a personal injury claim in a civil court, and successfully presenting such a claim may result in a monetary judgment to cover medical and other expenses.

Source: The Pennsylvania Record, “Truck driver sues tractor trailer companies for massive winter accident that caused brain injuries“, Jim Boyle, Sept. 2. 2014