Jury awards $1.2 million in medical malpractice lawsuit

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Most Pennsylvania residents likely tend to have full trust in their physicians to be able to diagnose an ailment or medical condition. Furthermore, doctors are expected to explain the diagnosis and the treatment suggested in a way that the patient would understand. However, this is not always the case, and a jury recently found a doctor negligent and awarded $1.2 million to a woman in another state who filed a medical malpractice lawsuit.

The lawsuit claims that the plaintiff now has to walk with the aid of a walker because her condition has adversely affected her lung capacity, causing severe breathing problems. The woman states that she consulted with the defendant after suffering extreme abdominal pain, and although her symptoms allegedly indicated a ruptured bowel, the doctor performed two surgical procedures unrelated to her bowel. She claims to have undergone two partial hysterectomy procedures, which brought no relief from the abdominal pain.

The suit also claims that the CT scan that eventually indicated the ruptured bowel was ordered at a time when she was already critically ill. Due to the extreme pain, she claims to have been unable to breathe properly, resulting in acute respiratory distress syndrome that could have been avoided if the CT scan was ordered timely. Comparing her current lung capacity to tests from before the initial surgery indicated a 20 percent loss.

Doctors in Pennsylvania have the duty to provide patients with appropriate information related to their medical condition, along with treatment choices and risks. Individuals who suspect that their medical treatment was not of an acceptable standard, and were not fully informed about their medical condition, may benefit from having their case assessed by a legal professional. With proper guidance through a successful medical malpractice claim, full and fair recovery of damages may be awarded by a civil court.

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