Victims of truck accidents may claim from driver and truck owner

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Drivers of heavy vehicles may not always recognize the threat they pose on Pennsylvania roads. Truck accidents are known to result in severe injuries, or even fatalities, when cars are involved. The sheer weight and size of a truck traveling at a high rate of speed can make it a deadly weapon.

A man from Bucks County has not been able to return to work since he suffered severe injuries in an accident in 2012. He filed a lawsuit against the company that employed the driver of an armored truck who caused his injuries. The company accepted responsibility for the negligent driving of its employee, and the injured man was recently awarded $850,000 in a settlement.

The man’s pain and suffering stemmed from an accident where an armored truck smashed into the side of his car. The man was going through an intersection when the truck driver ignored a red traffic light, and the speeding truck t-boned his car. The victim claimed to have suffered spinal injuries and a fracture to his left arm, along with post-concussion syndrome and cognitive deficiencies. The settlement he received will likely assist him in covering his ongoing medical expenses, along with the loss of income.

Residents of Pennsylvania, who have suffered injuries in truck accidents that resulted from the negligence of another party have the right to pursue recovery of medical expenses and loss of income, along with compensation for pain and suffering. Victims retain the right to name the alleged negligent driver and the owner of the truck in a personal injury claim that may be filed in a civil court. When negligence is proven in a successfully presented case, the court may award damages to cover all expenses related to the life-changing accident.

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