Father of 7 children struggling after absence due to work injury

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Certain workers in Pennsylvania who have to face the potential dangers posed by their various occupations sometimes live in constant fear of suffering injuries that may leave their families vulnerable. Employers who recognize the importance of abiding by the strict safety regulations as prescribed by OSHA may be able to avoid incidents of work injury and even fatalities. A worker who suffered severe workplace injuries in May is experiencing extreme anxiety about his inability to provide for his family.

The man was injured when a massive piece of equipment crushed him while clearing trees on a work site. He is now recuperating in a rehabilitation center after spending over a month in an intensive care facility. His sister said they were surprised that he survived the accident that crushed almost 95 percent of his body. The family would not name the man’s employers because of an ongoing investigation.

It was reported that the worker’s family, consisting of seven children and an eighth child due in about a month’s time, is struggling to survive without the father’s income. Family and friends have arranged a fundraising event to assist the family while the man is unable to work. It is unclear whether workers’ compensation covers the worker, or whether he plans to file a claim against his employer.

However, most workers in Pennsylvania are covered by the workers’ compensation insurance fund. Eligible workers may claim benefits to cover medical expenses, along with a portion of lost income. If an individual is experiencing problems with the claiming procedures — or if a claim is declined — they may utilize the professional help that is available for attempting to recover damages incurred after a work injury.

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