Work injury sustained after worker trapped in mulch elevator

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As the result of regular media reports about workplace accidents in Pennsylvania, the families of industrial and construction workers are often particularly concerned over the welfare of their loved ones while they are at work. Workers in these industries are at risk every day, and their employers have a duty to provide safe workplace surroundings, equipment and machinery. In cases where safety measures are not adhered to, a serious work injury or death could occur.

In the early afternoon of a recent Friday, two workers were injured at a Pennsylvania plant where mulch is produced. Officials reported that a mulch elevator suffered from a mechanical malfunction. One of the two workers operating the elevator at the time was trapped inside. Colleagues of the injured workers forced the elevator open by using a front-end loader, and extricated the seriously injured man.

An initial report did not supply further information on the circumstances leading up to the accident or the nature of injuries, except to mention that the second operator of the elevator suffered an arm injury that was not serious. The seriously injured worker was transported to a hospital for medical treatment. No details regarding his current condition were available.

When a Pennsylvania worker is the victim of a work injury, they may not initially think about claiming compensation from their employer. However, they are free to claim benefits from the workers’ compensation fund to help keep themselves afloat financially while unable to work. The compensation applicable in injury cases would typically cover medical costs and a portion of lost wages. If the injury caused a disability that may need long-term care and rehabilitation, the fund might consider awarding additional compensation.

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