Young boy struck by bus in Pennsylvania school parking lot

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Whether a traveler is a driver or a passenger in a vehicle, a person is a pedestrian while entering and exiting a vehicle. This can create additional dangers that many are not completely aware of. Whether they are in a parking lot, crossing the road, or on a sidewalk, when a person is traveling by foot near automobiles, they risk being hit by them. This is especially true for bus passengers. If a driver is not paying attention, speeding or distracted, they could collide with a pedestrian.

Authorities in Millersville recently responded to a bus accident that involved a 6-year-old boy. According to preliminary reports, the accident occurred in the parking lot of Penn Manor High School. The young boy attends private school and was switching buses when a bus struck him.

The young boy was transported to the hospital for medical treatment. It was reported that he suffered a leg injury. The accident is still under investigation, but school officials stated that the incident was not weather related. Furthermore, it was reported that the young boy was presumably in the bus driver’s blind spot when the accident occurred.

Surveillance videos are being checked to help determine the cause of the accident. Once the investigation is completed, the driver could face penalties and civil liabilities. The young boy could file a personal injury suit for the pain and suffering he endured. Compensation could be rewarded and could be used to cover medical bills associated with the accident.

Following a bus accident or pedestrian crash, it is important to gather all the information involved in the incident. The process could be lengthy and those affected could endure financial hardships. It is important that victims understand their situation and all possible options. Experienced personal injury professionals are available to assist victims and ensure they receive all the compensation to which they are entitled.

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