SUV collides with tractor-trailer on Interstate 78, injuring 1

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Whether or not people think about it, interstate highways in Pennsylvania are dangerous. Many of us never think that we will be the ones involved in a highway accident; however, all of us have seen an accident on the side of the road at one time or another. For those of us who have been involved in an accident, we now just how terrifying and damaging a motor vehicle accident can be.

This is especially true of truck accidents. As anyone who’s driven even a few miles on an interstate highway can tell you, tractor-trailers often zoom by in the fast lanes, seemingly indifferent to the other vehicles on the road. Even big rigs that have pulled over on the shoulder can be dangerous, due to their hulking size.

Interstate 78 near Allentown was the site of a recent collision between an SUV and a semi-trailer. It wasn’t clear how the two vehicles collided, but whatever happened, the SUV driver suffered what were described as moderate injuries.

This accident came only one day after another accident that took place near the I-78 accident. In that case, the driver of a pickup truck died when the vehicle struck a tractor-trailer that was parked on the shoulder of the highway.

People injured in motor vehicle accidents often have many expenses, medical and otherwise, that need to be taken care of. An experienced personal injury attorney can work with injured people to help them try to recover compensation to take care of these expenses.

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