Multi-vehicle collision involving a box truck injures several

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Although winter weather conditions can interfere with safe travel for anyone driving on the roadways in Pennsylvania, traveling at night could increase the chances of an incident occurring. During the late night and early morning hours, various vehicles utilize the major roads, but often times it is large larges that are seen making late night commutes in order to reach their destination. Truck drivers frequently drive long hours and through the night in order to get their shipment to its destination timely. Truck drivers often encounter more dangers on the road, such as driver fatigue, drunk drivers, bad night vision and dangerous road conditions due to inclement weather. This could ultimately lead to a serious truck accident.

Pennsylvania State Police were recently dispatched to a multi-vehicle collision in Broomall. The accident involved four vehicles, including a Pennsylvania State trooper, a box truck and two cars, and the crash occurred just before 5:30 a.m. When emergency crews arrived at the scene, they reported that the box truck was lying on its side and was on top of one of the automobiles. The other car sustained extensive damage, while the patrol car sustained rear-end damage.

Rescue crews assessed those involved and reported that one person had to be carried away on a stretcher. It was presumed to be an occupant from the car that the box truck was on top of. They were transported to the hospital for treatment. The officer in the patrol car suffered a leg injury and a cut to the head. He was transported to the hospital for treatment as well. The driver of the box truck and the other automobile were evaluated, treated and released from the hospital.

The investigation of this accident is ongoing. It wasn’t immediately clear what directly caused the crash, but it was reported that ice on the roadway was a contributing factor. It is not clear whether a driver was negligent and also contributed to the crash. Once cause is established, authorities could assign liability to the driver or drivers responsible.

A person injured in a truck crash could have a cause of action. This usually amounts to a personal injury lawsuit. This could provide the injured party with compensation that could be used towards medical bills and damages that resulted from the accident.

Following an accident, it is important for an injured party to understand their situation. It is important to gather as much information as possible at the accident site or just following the crash. Further investigation will also help the victim determine whether they have a course of action to recover a monetary award.

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