Details limited after fatal industrial accident in Pennsylvania

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The health and safety of workers is often top priority in work environments, but in dangerous careers, it can be difficult to eliminate all risks. Occupations with high chances of work related accidents and injuries often require additional training and safety measures. Employers and employees seek to eliminate on-the-job injuries and fatal accident in order to promote production and avoid lost wages. Although safety initiatives are often put in place and adjusted to keep workers safe, tragedy could strike at any time, whether it is simply an accident or due to the negligence of another in the work environment.

Investigation is still ongoing following a recent fatal work accident. The industrial accident took place at a Mersen USA plant in St. Mary’s. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration and Pennsylvania officials are seeking to understand what caused the industrial accident that killed one worker and injured two others.

At this time, officials for the company described the incident as an equipment-related accident. Additional information or comments about the fatal accident were not reported at this time. Further investigation may help shed further light on the cause and if any negligence caused the incident. In addition, understanding what attributed to the accident will help the company avoid similar incidents in the future.

Following a serious or fatal work accident, those affected may want to consider filing for workers’ compensation. This benefit could help the injured worker or the loved ones of a killed worker, and doesn’t require a showing of negligence like a personal injury claim, since the workers’ compensation system is built on the idea that working carries inherent risks. The compensation available could help cover expenses associated with the work injury or fatal accident such as medical bills, lost wages, possible funeral costs, damages and lost wages.

A work accident like the one detailed above can seriously affect an employee and their loved ones. A worker could be killed or permanently injured or disfigured following the incident. Filing for workers’ compensation can be a very beneficial course of action that could help the healing and coping process while also alleviating financial hardships associated with the incident.

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