Worker crushed in fatal accident at Pennsylvania worksite

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Blue-collar jobs often require much manual labor. In addition to the physical exertion they require, they also include some dangers and risks in the work environment. Whether it is the tools that workers use or the physical demand of the job, safety measures should be implemented in order to reduce the chances of an accident. On-the-job injuries could occur if the employer does not take the steps necessary to train employees and provide them with safety equipment. If they fail to uphold this duty of care, a serious or fatal work accident could occur.

Tragedy occurred recently at a worksite in Windsor Township. A 55-year-old construction worker died as a result of a work accident. According to preliminary reports, the construction worker who was working as an electrician at the site was working with an electrical switch gear box, and while he was moving it, the 2,000-pound box fell and landed on him. This caused him to be trapped, which ultimately lead to his death. No one witnessed the workplace accident, but another worker did hear it when it occurred.

The project has been going on for over a year and the electrician killed in the accident had been at the site working on an expansion project. Emergency crews came to the site and an investigation is currently being conducted. In fatal work accidents, it is important that the cause is established so future accidents do not occur.

When a worker is injured or killed in a workplace accident, the individual or their loved ones could file for workers’ compensation benefits. This helps cover lost wages, medical bills and damages that resulted from the accident.

A safe work environment and up-to-date training and safety equipment is essential in the work world today. When a worker is injured or killed on the job, it is important that investigation is conducted so future similar accidents can be avoided.

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