Pennsylvania worker killed after being trapped in salt pile

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With any job a combination of training and education is usually required. For jobs that are potentially dangerous, proper safety training will help ensure that the risk of injury is reduced significantly. Moreover, safety features, such as special equipment and emergency procedures, are important as well. Adequate safety training should also be kept up-to-date in order to avoid a workplace incident. When proper precautions are not followed a serious or fatal work accident could occur.

A tragic work accident recently took the life of a Pennsylvania man. The man was at a suburban Philadelphia storage facility when the accident occurred. According to preliminary reports, the man was working in the afternoon in order to prepare for the massive snowstorm that was scheduled to arrive in the area.

The man was preparing the salt that would be used to help cover the snow and ice covered roads. While working a backhoe, which is a piece of excavating equipment, the accident occurred. A pile of salt that was roughly 100 feet tall toppled on top of the worker and trapped him. Emergency crews were called to the scene, but they were not able to save him.

The fatal work accident is still under investigation. There has been no word about what might have caused this workplace accident. Once the investigation is complete, the loved ones of the deceased worker might have a cause of action. They could file for workers’ compensation. This would allow the family to recover a monetary award that could be used to cover expenses such as funeral costs, lost wages, loss of companionship, damages and pain and suffering.

Some work environments are inherently dangerous, while others might include some risk. No matter the workplace, employers and employees should seek to avoid any workplace injuries and accidents. Those employees who are hurt on-the-job might have options available to them, and following a workplace accident, employers should seek to investigate the cause in order to avoid future occurrences.

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