Parents awarded $55 million in medical malpractice suit

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When parents in Pennsylvania have small children or are pregnant, they trust a trained professional medical staff to care for them. A surgeon or medical staff is trusted in their diagnosis and treatment advice, and parents rely on and trust their decisions and opinions in order to make their own decisions. When a doctor is negligent or there is negligent medical care, there could be a potential cause of action for loved ones.

A Pennsylvania jury recently awarded a child’s parents a $55 million award for the medical malpractice lawsuit they filed in relation to their child’s birth and the medical issues experienced during the birthing process. According to the report, their son suffered disabilities that resulted from a negligent doctor.

Following a two-week trial, the jury determined that the doctor delivering their newborn ignored evident signs that their son was not receiving enough oxygen during the birthing process. It was also evident that the doctor should have preformed a cesarean section in this situation. Because the doctor failed to take proper action after these obvious signs of oxygen deprivation, the young boy, who is now 4-years-old, suffered serious birth defects and medical problems. This included cerebral palsy and severe developmental delays.

Although a spokesman for the hospital stated that the hospital provided their son with appropriate care and did not cause any harm to the baby, the jury decided differently. When a parent or a loved one believes that doctor error or medical negligence has occurred, they could file a medical malpractice lawsuit. This could result in compensation that could be used to cover expenses associated with the malpractice, such as current and future medical bills.

Parents and residents of Pennsylvania put a lot of trust into doctors and the medical care provided to them when they or a loved one goes to the doctor or hospital. When medical staff is negligent, this could cause patients to have a lack of trust in medical care and even suffer at their hands. Those affected by a negligent doctor or medical staff should understand that they have options and should seek to understand if they have a cause of action in their situation.

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