Car and garbage truck collide in Delaware COunty

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Pennsylvania residents know the cars and vehicles that are necessary to a well-run city, like mail trucks, delivery trucks and garbage trucks. Many of these vehicles are large in size. Those diving these massive trucks tend to drive with more caution because of they are more challenging to handle and maneuver. In addition, these trucks have large blind spots, which could cause nearby vehicles to go unnoticed. This could lead to a truck accident resulting in serious injuries and severe damages.

Authorities in Delaware County are still investigating a crash that involved a garbage truck and an automobile in Media. According to preliminary reports, the crash took place near the intersection of Route 252 and State Street and happened around 7:30 a.m.

Serious injuries were reported in the crash and emergency crews transported the injured parties to the hospital for medical treatment. Severe damage was also reported to the vehicle that collided with the garbage truck. Extensive front-end damage existed on the car, and it was speculated that the car collided with the rear side of the truck.

Investigation is ongoing and no citations have been issued at this time. Authorities have not suggested a cause of the accident at this time and no additional details have been reported. Following investigation, officers should be able to establish cause and assign any liability. When a driver is at fault, they could face traffic violations in addition to civil penalties. Those injured in a truck crash could file a personal injury claim. This would help them recover compensation that could be used to cover medical bills and damages.

Understanding whether a victim has a cause of action following a collision is important. This does not only offset the expenses associated with the accident but could also help a person recover and address future medical concerns.

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