Workplace accident injures two workers in Pennsylvania

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Heading to work in the morning is often considered a habitual activity for most employees in Pennsylvania. Some will grab a cup of coffee, get in their car and head to work. Most do not consider the fact that their life could be at risk in the workplace. This is common for those who work in the office, but those who carryout manual labor for work might be more aware of all the dangers present in the workplace. Even when a worker is properly trained and provided safety equipment, workplace accidents can occur.

A workplace accident recently occurred at a denture manufacturing plant located on the former U.S. Steel Island. According to reports, two workers were injures while they were filling a pail with nitric acid. While they were pouring the chemicals, they suddenly exploded. This resulted in the two workers suffering burns to their upper bodies, including their airways.

Both workers were decontaminated in order to wash away the chemicals. They were then transported to the hospital for medical treatment. The chemical explosion is still under investigation and both of the workers are expected to survive and recover from their injuries.

When a worker is injured on-the-job, it is important that the accident is properly investigated. Furthermore, the injured worker could file a claim for workers’ compensation. This benefit could help cover the costs of medical bills, rehabilitation, lost wages and pain and suffering.

Being involved in a workplace accident is often a traumatic experience. Those seriously injured might have to refrain from working for an expended amount of time while they recover. Injured workers should understand their rights and options, especially when it comes to filing for workers’ compensation.

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