Ten-car pile up injures three in Philadelphia crash

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Pennsylvania drivers understand that traffic happens. On a daily basis, major roads are filled with vehicles of different sizes and sometimes traffic can get heavy and backed up. When a crash occurs during these times, a chain-reaction collision could ensue causing a massive auto accident. This could result in severe damage, serious injuries and even fatalities.

Authorities in Philadelphia recently responded to a chain-reaction crash caused by a fuel spill combining with rainy conditions during the evening rush hour commute. According the preliminary reports, the accident was caused when a fuel tank was ruptured in a tractor-trailer. This happened when the bumper fell off of the truck carrying crane parts. Rain mixed with the oil spill and caused a 10-car pile up near the interchange of Interstate 76 and Interstate 676.

Emergency crews responded to the massive wreck and three people were transported to the hospital for treatment of the injuries they suffered. The accident is still under investigation and no charges were issued at this time. A person injured in a pile-up accident like this can file a personal injury claim in order to gain compensation for the injuries and damages they suffered.

A massive wreck can affect numerous people even if they were not directly involved. Although some accidents simply cannot be avoided, drivers should constantly be aware of any hazards or dangers on the road. Paying attention and avoiding distractions could decrease their chances of being involved in an accident. Anyone injured in such an accident should seek the guidance of a skilled personal injury attorney to assist them with their case if they choose to pursue legal action to collect damages.

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