Five killed in Pennsylvania motorcycle accident

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Pennsylvania residents are aware that the roadways are used by various vehicle used for different purposes. Whether a person is traveling to work, enjoying a ride on their motorcycle, making a large shipment across the country or running an errand, an accident can happen at any time. Although motorcyclists are less frequently seen during the colder months, drivers should constantly be on the lookout for smaller vehicles that could go unnoticed in a blind spot. A motorcycle accident often ends with serious injuries, fatalities and severe damage.

Authorities in Waynesboro recently responded to a tragic accident involving two motorcycles and an SUV. The multi-vehicle crash happened when the SUV allegedly crossed the centerline on Fort Richie Access Road. This caused the SUV to collide with a motorcycle. The SUV then spun around and struck another motorcycle.

Emergency crews responded to the crash and pronounced that the two motorcyclists, the two passengers on the bikes and a passenger in the SUV died as a result of the crash. The fatal accident is still under investigation, and it still is not clear what caused the SUV to cross the centerline.

If a driver is negligent and causes a crash, they could be liable for the resulting deaths, injuries and damages. In this case, the loved ones of the deceased might be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the driver. This could result in compensation being awarded to cover expenses, such as medical bills, funeral costs, damages and pain and suffering.

Following a fatal accident, it is important that everyone involved and affected understand the situation. This might require further investigation and seeking advice from a professional. This is especially important if they seek to file for compensation because they should understand their rights and options.

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