Tragic Pennsylvania wreck kills six and injures two

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Pennsylvania drivers understand that most accidents on the roadways are unexpected. Even when a driver is negligent, others traveling on the road and abiding by the rules of the road do not expect to collide with the vehicle of the negligent driver. A serious car accident not only takes the lives of innocent parties but they also create severe damage and could cause serious injuries to others, including the negligent party.

Pennsylvania authorities recently responded to a head-on crash that occurred in the afternoon on a highway in northwestern Pennsylvania. The deadly automobile collision involved a SUV and a car, and preliminary reports indicate that the driver of the SUV crossed the centerline and collided with the automobile traveling in the opposite direction head on.

When emergency crews arrived at the scene, they assessed the multiple victims involved in the accident. A 6-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl in the SUV were reported dead, while the SUV driver and her 10-year-old son suffered injuries. Four adults in the struck automobile were also killed in the collision. Those injured were transported to the hospital for treatment.

The accident is still under investigation, although authorities suspect that the driver of the SUV was at fault. Once the cause is determined, liability could be assigned. If the driver of the SUV was at fault, the loved ones of those killed in the accident could file a wrongful death claim. This would allow for compensation to cover expenses associated with the accident, such as medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages, damages and pain and suffering.

A tragic accident that results in several deaths will often affect numerous people. Family, friends and members of the community are often affected by a fatal accident. Furthermore, family members often endure financial hardships due to bills associated with the accident. This can make it especially important to understand if a suit is available in order to gain compensation for their losses.

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