16-year-old boy injured in truck crash

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Whether they are traveling a short or long distance, most Pennsylvania residents will encounter an accident site sooner or later. Depending on the cause, types of vehicles and number of vehicles, the accident could be small or massive. A truck accident will often cause a serious accident and may create a dangerous scene for other drivers that will cause the road to be shut down until it is properly cleaned up. Furthermore, they could cause serious injuries or even death, so it is important that emergency crews are able to tend to the victims.

Authorities in Lower Macungie Township recently responded to a collision that involved an automobile and a tractor-trailer. The 16-year-old driver of the car was attempting to turn left onto the entrance ramp for Interstate 78 when he was struck by the tractor-trailer. The truck hit the passenger side of the teen’s car and forced the car into a pole.

Emergency crews responded to the crash. The young driver had to be removed from his vehicle and was transported to the hospital for treatment. No injuries to the truck driver were reported. The collision is still under investigation, but authorities say that the young driver might be cited for failing to yield while making a left turn.

In order to understand if compensation is available following an automobile collision, an investigation should be conducted. This could reveal whether the driver was negligent, contributorily negligent or played no role in the accident. This could then determine if compensation through a personal injury suit could be recovered.

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