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August 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania railroad worker killed while inspecting railroad

Some jobs in Pennsylvania are more hazardous than others. Railroad work has long been an occupation that carries additional dangers for employees. Most railroad workers go through additional training in order to reduce the likelihood of a workplace accident. Furthermore, the railroads will often require and supply safety gear to reduce the chances of injuries. Nonetheless, accidents can and do happen.

Pedestrian accident kills one and injures another in Philadelphia

Traveling at night can be dangerous for any driver. Whether it is due to fatigue, bad night vision or limited lighting, some things can go unnoticed on the roadway by drivers during nighttime hours. Although traffic is often reduced at night, objects, animals and pedestrians may go undetected while driving at night. These hazards can result in a fatal accident, which can affect several people.

Fatal two-car crash kills both drivers and injures a child

Traveling at night might mean less traffic on the road, but there are other dangers on the roadway that drivers should be aware of. Driving at night could mean fatigued drivers as well as bad night vision. Either could cause a driver to travel slightly out of their lane, make a wrong turn or miss a sign. These all could lead to an accident that could result in serious injuries or even death.

Pennsylvania miner dies after workplace accident

Some occupations require additional training. This training does not only educate the worker on how to properly conduct their work, but it also provides the worker with safety information. In some industries, workers encounter hazards and dangers in the workplace. If the worker is not properly trained, the likelihood of the employee being injured is heightened. It is crucial that not only the employer provides safety training, but also updates and continually implements the safety protocols.

Drag racing presumed to cause deadly accident

Driving can mean different things to various people. Some look at driving an automobile as a means to get to and from work. Others see it as necessary to transport their kids and run errands. And some drivers may look at driving as an enjoyable activity. Regardless of its purpose, driving is considered a privilege and some young motorists look at it as a ticket to freedom. This outlook could lead to dangerous situations because young drivers seeking freedom from behind the wheel may not use adequate precautions to avoid hazards.

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