Two miners injured at work released from hospital

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Numerous jobs in society are inherently dangerous. Pennsylvania residents are well aware of the dangers associated with working at a coal mine, but they are conscious of the safety training and equipment provided in order to reduce any hazards. Although several measures can be implemented to reduce the chances of a workplace accident, on-the-job injuries still occur because many of the accidents in coalmines occur very unexpectedly.

Two coal miners were injured following an accident in the mine in which they were working. According to reports, an approximately four-foot section of the rock ceiling fell. This resulted in one miner suffering a knee injury, while another suffered a back injury. Both miners were transported to the hospital for medical treatment.

The coal mine, which is located in Kiskiminetas Township, about 35 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, remains closed while both federal and state agencies continue investigating the accident. Both miners were recently released from the hospital, but their conditions and ability to return to work were not reported.

An employee injured in the work environment can seek workers’ compensation benefits following a work injury. The injured worker could have medical bills, rehabilitation and pain and suffering covered by the benefit. Moreover, any wages lost during the recovery process could be covered.

An on-the-job injury can significantly impact the lives of employees. In addition, the employer may suffer from reduced productivity by having employees out while they recover from injuries. It is both important that injured workers receive the compensation needed to recover and that proper investigation is conducted in order to avoid future accidents similar in nature.

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