Two injured in a Pennsylvania motorcycle crash

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Residents in Pennsylvania are observing others enjoying the warmer weather. Drivers can be seen traveling with their windows down, convertibles with their tops down and an increase of motorcycles on the roadway. Although some safety practices can reduce the chances of being injured on a motorcycle, motorcycle accidents often result in serious injuries or even death. These small vehicles can frequently go undetected by a driver who is not being attentive. Drivers should be aware of these small vehicles and their ability to hide in blind spots. Both automobile drivers and motorcycle drivers should use extra precaution when traveling at nighttime.

Solebury police are still investigating a motorcycle collision that occurred recently. The crash involved a Harley Davidson and a Toyota pick-up truck. The accident happened around 8:45 p.m. near the 3700 block of Windy Bush Road when the pick-up truck collided with the motorcycle. The accident resulted in the two occupants on the motorcycle being tossed off the bike and landing into a wooded area.

Both occupants on the bike suffered multiple injuries. The male driver was reported to be in critical condition. The driver of the pick-up truck was not injured in the collision. Police are still investigating the accident and have not yet determined the cause of the collision. If liability is determined and the driver of the pick-up truck was negligent, those injured by him might be entitled to file a civil suit against him. A personal injury claim could result in compensation to recover medical bills, damages and pain and suffering.

No matter the cause of the incident, a motorcycle accident can be very serious. Those injured on a motorcycle by a negligent driver could suffer financial burdens along with their injuries. Understanding their rights and the process to file a claim is important, and those affected should contact a qualified professional to seek advice.

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