Construction worker injured at Pennsylvania work site

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Residents of Pennsylvania understand that construction workers can encounter some risks at a job site. Hiring qualified and trained workers and providing all workers with up-to-date safety equipment often reduces these risks and dangers. Even with these safety measures are implemented, however, the unexpected could happen at the work site. Injuries could result following a workplace accident.

Investigation has taken place following an accident at a construction site on the campus of Temple University. One worker was injured following the accident. According to preliminary reports, a portion of the fifth floor collapsed and trapped about a half dozen workers. This occurred around 1 p.m. and resulted in a total evacuation of the building.

Emergency crews worked to rescue the trapped construction workers. One worker, who was discovered laying flat on his back, was transported to the hospital for treatment. His injuries were described as being serious but not life threatening.

A worker injured in an accident like this could endure much medical attention a rehabilitation following a serious on-the-job injury. Moreover, the worker could be out of work for an extended period of time while they recover. This could result in lost wages. Workers’ compensation could be filed in order to obtain a monetary award for medical bills, rehabilitation, damages and lost wages.

When a worker is injured, it is important that they properly heal, take enough time to recover and return to work. Ensuring that the employee doesn’t endure additional hardships is crucial. The benefit of workers’ compensation is essential to take care of any financial burdens that go along with any workplace injuries.

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