Pennsylvania woman charged after accident with two fatalities

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Sometimes accidents just happen, but other times they are due to the negligence of others. Car accidents often happen because a driver was not being attentive or failed to drive with care. Reckless and careless driving is often the reason that accidents result in serious injuries, severe damage and even fatalities. A fatal car crash significantly impacts the loved ones of the deceased and will likely result in liability for the negligent party.

A woman from northeastern Pennsylvania was recently sentenced for a crash that occurred in the summer of 2012. The collision resulted in the death of woman, and the female driver was charged with third-degree murder. The driver pleaded guilty to the charges at court in Lackawanna County.

The judge sentenced the 45-year-old woman to 15-40 years for the fatal car accident. It was claimed that the driver was under the influence and speeding at the time of the collision, and resulted in criminal charges following the death of two women that were in the vehicle she struck.

In addition to the criminal penalties, the driver could also face civil liabilities. The loved ones of the two deceased women could file wrongful death claims. This suit could potentially cover any financial burdens that resulted from the accident. Expenses such as medical bills, funeral cost, lost wages, damages and pain and suffering could be covered by the suit.

Losing a loved one in an automobile collision can be devastating. A life is often taken too soon and at the cost of someone else’s negligence. The coping process is often long and emotional, but gaining compensation through a wrongful death suit can often help. This is especially true if the accident result in large expenses.

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