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June 2013 Archives

Pennsylvania couple awarded medical malpractice claim

When a child is ill, parents seek out a medical professional to treat them. Much trust is put in a medical staff, and anyone who treats a patient is liable for anything that is done to the patient while they are in their care. When negligence occurs in the course of treatment, the patient could suffer worse ailments or even death. When this occurs, the affected patient or the loved ones of the deceased patient could file a medical malpractice claim.

Pennsylvania woman killed in trailer accident at campground

The summer months often mean family vacations for Pennsylvania residents. For some, this might mean loading up their vehicle, packing up their camping gear, hitching up a camper and hitting the road. Families frequent campgrounds during the warm months. Families will often attach a camper for long distances in order to camp at an ideal location, but that can create some risks and dangers. A trailer may not be properly hitched or maintained and could cause a trailer accident.

Pennsylvania woman charged after accident with two fatalities

Sometimes accidents just happen, but other times they are due to the negligence of others. Car accidents often happen because a driver was not being attentive or failed to drive with care. Reckless and careless driving is often the reason that accidents result in serious injuries, severe damage and even fatalities. A fatal car crash significantly impacts the loved ones of the deceased and will likely result in liability for the negligent party.

Motorcyclist struck from behind in critical condition

Pennsylvania residents witness motorcyclists on the roadways during most times of the year and in all kinds of weather. However, in the summer months, motorcyclists often can be seen in large groups, either traveling solo or driving with a passenger. No matter if they are driving across the country or just down the road, motorcycle accidents can happen at any time and in any type of setting. Drivers may not always be aware of these much smaller vehicles because they can be hidden in blind spots and also are able to maneuver quickly between vehicles.

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