Pennsylvania driver dead after head-on collision with truck

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Incidents on the roadway are well known to residents in Pennsylvania, but fatal accidents are always hard to deal with. Truck accidents tend to not only be fatal but are also very destructive. These massive vehicles are able to crush other automobiles they collide with, create severe damage on the roadway, cause serious injuries and even cause death. Although truck drivers are trained specifically to cover long distances safely by close regulation of their driving hours and conditions, they can be involved in serious crashes not necessarily the fault of the truck driver.

The cause of the fatal truck accident in Pennsylvania recently took place on State Route 27 and involving a pick-up truck and a Pepsi truck is unknown as of now. A 26-year-old man was driving his pick-up truck when supposedly the vehicle crossed the centerline into oncoming traffic. As a result, the young driver collided with the Pepsi truck head-on.

Emergency crews responded to the truck crash and assessed the victims. Unfortunately, the driver of the pick-up truck did not survive the accident. The other driver suffered injuries that were not life threatening.

A fatal truck collision can be very destructive, traumatic and emotional. The results of the accident could be very detrimental for those involved and those close to the victims in the incident. A Pennsylvania resident injured in an accident like this could file a personal injury/ wrongful death claim to cover medical expenses, damages, funeral expenses and pain and suffering. Though it is not possible to quantify their loss, a civil suit may go a long way in easing their financial burden.

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