One dead after a fatal motorcycle collision

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Warm weather brings the enjoyment of outdoor activities. The spring and summer months usually result in an increases in motorcycles on the roadways. With an increasing amount of bikers on the roads, there is also a higher chance of motorcycle accidents. These small vehicles are able to travel undetected if they are in a driver’s blind spot. It is important that both drivers and bikers are aware of one another so they can avoid a potentially fatal collision.

A crash between a motorcycle and an automobile recently occurred on Harbison Avenue. The collision took place at around 8:34 p.m. when the motorcyclist that was traveling north crashed into the vehicle traveling southbound that was making a left hand turn. When emergency crews responded to the accident, the motorcyclist was pronounced dead on the scene due to severe head trauma. The biker was not wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. The woman driving the vehicle did not suffer any injuries.

The fatal motorcycle crash is still under investigation. The family of the deceased motorcyclist might be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit as a result of the accident. The suit could cover the financial burdens that resulted from the collision such as medical bills, funeral costs, lost wages and damages. This would help the family with the coping process.

Motorcycle accidents can often be fatal, so it is important that both drivers and bikers practice safe driving. Watching speeds and utilizing mirrors is crucial and drivers should use caution when driving near or behind a motorcycle.

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