Van crashes into dump truck killing two and injuring several

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Driving long distances is not only tiresome but it can also cause some unsafe driving habits. A driver may lose track of their speed and drive much higher or lower than the speed limit causing drivers nearby to respond. Road rage could also result in areas with condensed traffic. Lastly, the driver may not be cautious when driving through a construction zone or a road clean-up area. Any of these habits could lead to incidents involving other vehicles. A truck accident could cause a fatal accident with numerous injuries and severe damage at the collision site.

Recently, a van traveling with 10 people, who were on their way home from a vacation in Florida, was in an accident. The van began to drift off the New York State Thruway and rear-ended a dump truck. The dump truck was on the side of the road by the median and was traveling at a slow speed. It was being utilized while workers were picking up trash in the median. The collision occurred around 7:45 a.m. on the eastbound side of Interstate 90.

Emergency crews responded to the incident. A father, his one-month-old son and a female passenger were found dead at the scene. An adult and three children were injured in the collision. The driver of the dump truck suffered injuries as well.

A preliminary investigation of the accident revealed that there was no indication that the driver of the van slammed on the breaks before crashing into the truck. Authorities suspect that the van driver was at fault. As a result, the driver of the dump truck could file a personal injury claim for the injuries he suffered. The awarded compensation would go towards medical bills, lost wages, damages and pain and suffering.

Whether a driver is traveling long distance or short distance, it is important to watch speeds and always be attentive. Drivers should avoid driving while fatigued and should not text while driving. When a driver fails to use such safety precautions, they may risk causing accidents and facing lawsuits for the damages they cause.

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