Hit-and-run accident in Pennsylvania injures two juveniles

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An Easton driver cannot choose when to be in an accident, and they cannot choose who is in the vehicle when the accident occurs. A car accident does not only result in severe damages and serious injuries, but it could also include injured children. It is important that drivers, passengers and children all wear the necessary safety restraints. This could significantly reduce the chances of death and serious injuries if and when someone is in a collision.

A hit-and-run accident occurred in Bryn Mawr recently. The automobile collision involved two juveniles, who suffered minor injuries. The accident occurred around 2 an intersection on Lancaster Avenue, also called Route 30, which is near the Bryn Mawr hospital. Emergency crews responded to the incident and assessed those in the vehicle. Those injured were transported to the hospital for treatment.

The westbound side of Route 30 was closed while authorities conducted investigation of the accident. Details surrounding the cause of the collision and information about the other vehicle have not been reported at this time.

When authorities find the driver who fled the scene of the accident, those injured could file a personal injury claim. Compensation from the claim would go towards medical bills, damage and pain and suffering. The people in the struck vehicle may have other forms of relief from the hit-and-run accident, and may need to inform themselves of these options.

Drivers should always watch their speeds and be aware of their surroundings. When approaching a busy intersection, it is crucial to watch speeds in case the driver needs to suddenly reduce their speed. In addition, keeping a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of them and paying attention to traffic signs and signals is very important.

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