Accident leaves 26-year-old motorcyclist injured

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When a car collides with a motorcycle, the motorcyclist is likely to sustain injuries from the crash. This is because motorcyclists and their passengers are often more vulnerable to injury than those operating or riding in a motor vehicle. When motorcycle accidents occur, the victims often suffer injuries that require ongoing care to facilitate full recoveries. It is important for victims of these types of accidents to understand their legal rights when it comes to trying to win compensation for medical bills and other losses.

A 26-year-old motorcyclist was injured in an accident on Feb. 26, when a 57-year-old woman driving a Volvo S60 allegedly ran a stop sign. According to the state police, the accident occurred on Gravel Pike in Perkiomen, Pennsylvania.

The motorcyclist was ejected from the seat of her Honda Interceptor and landed in the southbound lane of Gravel Pike. The driver of the Volvo hit a tree and stopped at the south shoulder of Gravel Pike. The motorcyclist was transported to a hospital for treatment for injuries, but the Volvo driver and her 15-year-old passenger were uninjured.

Injuries related to motorcycle accidents are often severe and require extensive medical treatment. When motorcyclists are involved in accidents due to the negligence of other drivers, they may be entitled to full compensation for all or some of their losses. A victim should learn about his or her rights to file a lawsuit and hear the case before a jury after such an accident.

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