Local man crashes into police car

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Drunk driving is a serious offense that can lead to a wide range of injuries, and in some cases, even death. Anyone who has been a victim of a drunk driving auto accident understands the emotional and physical trauma that can result from an incident of this type. Easton residents might be interested to read about a recent drunk driving accident in which an area resident just across the state line from Easton struck a police car.

An allegedly drunk driver hit a police car late one night recently. The 24-year-old man apparently rear-ended the police vehicle with his Saturn on state Route 27. The crash knocked the police car into a light pole.

The man allegedly tried to flee the crash scene, but the police officer was able to exit his vehicle and catch him. Both men suffered minor injuries in the crash. Local authorities report that the police officer did not suffer more serious injuries because he was wearing a seat belt and because the vehicle’s air bags deployed.

Local police charged the man with drunken driving, assault by auto, reckless driving, possession of an open alcoholic beverage in a vehicle and several other offenses.

Fortunately, no one was seriously hurt in this car accident, but this is not always the case. Anyone who suffers an injury as a result of a drunk driving accident should understand all available legal rights, as there may be a case for compensation for loss of wages, medical expenses and pain and suffering.

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