88-year-old woman injures state trooper in collision

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An automobile accident can be an expensive event, resulting in physical damage to the vehicles involved and medical costs for any injuries. When an injury or death occurs, the person responsible for the auto accident can be held liable for the costs related to that accident. For residents in the Lehigh Valley area in Pennsylvania, this means that a lawsuit can be brought against the responsible driver. When the accident involves a speeding auto, as is the case with a recent collision that injured a police officer, negligence may be easier to prove.

The accident occurred one recent afternoon on the Kings Highway in Lynn Township, not far from Easton, Pennsylvania, when an 88-year-old woman reportedly struck a parked police cruiser. The collision managed to tilt the woman’s vehicle onto its side. The vehicle later drove into a cornfield. The cruiser had pulled over to the side of the road, as there was no shoulder available, and was flashing its emergency lights when it was struck by the woman’s car.

A 28-year-old state trooper was injured in the car accident. The 88-year-old driver was also injured. As a result of the incident, the driver received a citation for driving too fast for conditions.

Due to the citation, the 88-year-old driver might be found negligent in a civil case and be required to pay for the injury suffered by the officer. But could the officer have been covering up his own negligence? What if his emergency lights weren’t activated when his car was stopped and the woman couldn’t tell that the vehicle was stopped? It’s imperative to find out these facts.

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