6-year-old girl crashes car in attempt to see father

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Negligent driving is not the only cause of motor vehicle accidents. In some cases, car accidents may be caused by people who are simply not qualified to drive. Regardless of the cause, any accident can result in property damage, injuries or death.

According to the police, a 6-year-old girl in Pittsburgh who drove her mother’s car in an attempt to see her father recently caused a multiple-vehicle accident. She reportedly felt a strong desire to see her father, and she decided to drive across town to pay him a visit. It is said that her mother was sleeping when she took the car. However, not long after the girl started driving, she allegedly crashed the car into two parked cars, causing one of them to collide with another car. She then apparently struck a utility pole.

Police said that the girl was tall enough to operate the car despite her age, but they remained surprised that she was able to operate the car at all. They also said that they were not sure if charges would be filed. The girl’s father picked her up after he was notified of the accident.

It appears that no one else was injured in the car accident. Had there been injuries inflicted on innocent bystanders, the parents likely would have been held liable. Parents need to make sure that their children know the dangers of trying to drive a car without proper training.

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