Two hurt in wrong-way collision in Easton

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While being cautious can reduce the risk of accidents, it does not guarantee the safety of road users. All it takes for a serious car accident to happen is one act of negligence. The consequences of an auto accident can vary greatly from one incident to the next, ranging from minor injuries to death. To seek justice, car accident victims who have suffered injuries or losses due to no fault of their own can file personal injury claims against those who are at fault.

A wrong-way collision that recently occurred on Route 22 East in Easton, Pennsylvania, injured a 25-year-old woman and a 26-year-old man. The woman reportedly started traveling west on the highway’s eastbound lanes, and she collided with the man’s eastbound car near the Cemetery Curve. According to the police, the collision was only a glancing blow, not a head-on crash. It could have been much worse, but she is still at fault for causing the accident.

The woman sustained injuries to her legs, while the man suffered cuts to his head and face. Both drivers were taken to the hospital after the accident. Apparently the woman was exhibiting signs of drunkenness, as police have said they will investigate whether alcohol played a role in the accident.

Those who sustain serious injuries in auto accidents do not only have to endure physical pain; they may also experience financial problems due to the expenses that may result from the accidents, such as medical expenses and loss of income. Along with collecting compensation, a successful lawsuit could help send the message that it’s not acceptable to drive dangerously or under the influence of alcohol.

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