Man who caused motorcycle accident charged with assault

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Traveling on Pennsylvania’s roadways is challenging enough. Doing so while intoxicated is simply asking for trouble. More often than not, people who drive drunk find themselves involved in a number of vehicular accidents, including motorcycle accidents and auto-pedestrian collisions. Many times these incidents result in people being charged with crimes and the victims seeking legal experts who can help them get compensation for medical bills, rehabilitative care and other damages.

A man who caused a serious accident was arrested by Pennsylvania State Police recently for charges of assault by auto. The charges are in regards to a Sept. 1 collision he had with a 61-year-old motorcyclist that left the victim with head injuries and several bone fractures.

Allegedly, the 56-year-old Washington, Pennsylvania, man was traveling east on east Route 57 when he drove into the motorcyclist’s path while trying to make a left turn into a parking lot. The victim struck the passenger side of the suspect’s truck. Toxicology reports showed the suspect had a blood alcohol content of 0.25 when the accident occurred. That is more than three times the legal limit allowed in the state. He was charged with reckless driving, drunken driving and driving an unregistered vehicle.

The suspect was arrested that day but released. However, police issued a warrant for his arrest in October for the assault by auto charge. The Washington man was extradited to Warren County Jail and has since posted bail of $7,500.

Source: The Express-Times, “Washington man charged with assault by auto in motorcycle crash posts bail, police say,” Kathryn Brenzel, Nov. 15, 2012