Stanford Blood Center taken to trial for malpractice

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Medical malpractice can be any action that causes injury to a patient through negligence. In the case of one lawsuit that went to trial recently, the alleged medical malpractice stemmed from a simple blood donation gone wrong, which could happen to any Pennsylvania resident. According to the plaintiff, the donation provided to a blood center in another state led to a life-threatening infection that resulted in severe injury.


The blood donation incident occurred in April 2008. After the donation, the plaintiff developed a severe infection that caused most of his left collarbone to be removed. While the plaintiff believes the blood center was at fault, the center believes that it was not possible for the needles involved in the procedure to have been the source of the infection because each one is only used one time. A representative for blood center has said that the donation procedure adhered to federal safety regulations.

Along with the malpractice accusation, the plaintiff also accuses the blood center of taking his blood under false pretenses. According to the plaintiff, he was told that his blood would be used for the treatment of infants suffering from immune-system issues. Instead, his blood was reportedly sold by the medical center to private companies.

Residents of Pennsylvania have the right to seek legal recourse if they suspect that they’ve been injured through negligent medical actions. This type of legal action doesn’t have to be limited to medical treatment. It can also be a medication error or an injury sustained because of a faulty medical device.

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