One hurt in auto accident on Route 100

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Drivers must take care when turning onto major highways to ensure that there is plenty of room between cars before pulling into traffic. Pulling out without proper clearance can result in auto accidents that may cause severe injuries and even the deaths of passengers or other drivers on the road. Those involved in an accident on any roadway should seek to understand their rights and responsibilities under the law.

A 55-year-old woman driving a vehicle northbound on Pennsylvania Route 100 was allegedly injured when her vehicle was struck by a 38-year-old female driver turning onto the highway from East Macungie Road in Upper Milford Township, Pa., which is not far from Easton. State police reported that the front bumpers apparently collided, sending one vehicle into a nearby parking lot and leaving another immobile on the roadway.

The 55-year-old woman was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Cedar Crest, where she received treatment for injuries sustained in the accident. The other woman involved in the accident was not injured, according to reports.

Auto accidents can result in unexpected medical costs as well as property damage and the pain and stress of personal injuries. Understanding the many factors involved in an auto accident and how liability and insurance guidelines relate to the case can help those involved in such incidents begin the process of seeking compensation for lost wages, medical expenses and other unexpected problems.

It appears in this case that the fault lies with the woman who turned out in front of oncoming traffic. It’s important to obey and respect the rules of the road. Waiting a few extra seconds to turn probably could have prevented the accident from happening.

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