Pennsylvania boy struck by car while boarding school bus

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The injury of a loved one in a car accident cannot be undone by any amount of compensation, although it can bring some sense of closure to such a tragic event. If drivers fail to exercise care when approaching school buses, the results can be serious.

A 5-year-old boy in Whitehall Township, Pennsylvania, was hit by a car while he was crossing Fairmont Avenue to board a school bus on Sept. 12. Witnesses who saw the crash say a female driver on the 900 block of Fairmont Avenue approached the bus. The bus was stopped with its stop signs displayed and lights flashing, according to witnesses.

Witnesses said the front bumper on the driver’s side of the car struck the boy, who rolled under the bus. The driver did stop to try and help render aid, which is admirable, but does not excuse her actions. The child was bleeding from his head and had pain in his hip, although he was still conscious. He was transported to a local hospital, although police could not comment on the extent of his injuries.

The posted speed limit at the crash scene is 25 mph, although witnesses say the car was traveling at more than 40 mph. They also said speeding is a common problem in the area. The family of the victim in this case will need to be fully aware of their legal rights before proceeding with a personal injury claim to seek possible compensation to help them cope with their medical bills. And maybe they could ask the city to do more about patrolling for reckless drivers.

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