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Injury news: Bicycle accident in Allentown

Injury news: Police have reported a bicycling accident in Allentown which remains a mystery. A bystander found Douglas Long of Allentown on the side of Dauphin Street at about 9:20 pm Monday evening. He was taken to Lehigh Valley Hospital Center in serious condition having suffered a head injury. Police are investigating whether the injury was caused by a pothole in the road, an unidentified driver, or whether he lost control due to road and/or traffic conditions. Anyone with any information or who may have witnessed anything unusual should contact Allentown police Captain Daryl Hendricks.

As bicycling has gained in popularity in recent years motorists must  take extra care in operating their vehicles. If you are struck by a hit and run driver and are unable to identify the driver, you may still have legal recourse through your automobile insurance policy for uninsured motorist coverage. This coverage will provide compensation for your injuries from unidentified drivers. There are critical steps which must be taken early to insure your rights are protected. Our office has been handling these kinds of claims for over 25 years.


I am responding to the comment above. Douglas Long is my Uncle. He was taken to St. Luke's in Bethlehem. He is still in critical condition and we are continually praying for his recovery. We have a number of things that are unsettling to us. We do not believe that this was an accident. We believe it was an assault. The "accident" in question and the end results of his horrific injuries do not line up. First of all, hitting a pothole at the speed he was going would not and could not inflict the injuries that my Uncle has. I believe they need to reopen the investigation again and really take a look at what happened. Everything is a mystery to us and my poor Uncle can't even tell us what happened. We believe that this case needs to be reopened and investigated. As soon as the officer gets back from his "much needed vacation" he needs to refocus on this accident. You just can't dismiss it because you think it was an accident and then run off to your "much needed vacation". We are not happy. My mom called the police station and we were met with an officer using a how shall I say a "bitchy tone" with my mother and shutting her questions down. This was not a good thing, it just pushed my mother into a more determined mindset to see what really happened. We were told we have to wait 10 days for the officer to come back from his vacation. We will find out what happened. We are wondering if he was struck with a metal pole while he was riding that night. He was found in fetal position with his bike beside him. Thought if you are riding your bicycle and hit pothole and propelled from your bike why would it be lying beside you??? Common sense question....just saying. There is more than meets the eye. Well will be pursuing this further. His loving family

Hello Michelle. Thanks for your post. I hope your Uncle recovers from this terrible crash. i understand you and your family's concerns regarding investigating this accident, and hope attention gets paid.
If there is anything I can do to help, please give my office a call at 610-258-9955.

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