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Drivers fail to see motorcycles twice as often as cars

Drivers often fail to see motorcycles. It sounds so simple, and so easily avoidable, but it happens all the time. It also leads to serious accidents. Drivers who don't see motorcycles may cut them off, turn in front of them, merge into them on the interstate or cause crashes in numerous other ways.

How often does it happen? One study showed people different vehicles in pictures when they were not sure what to expect. These people did not see taxi cabs in 31 percent of the cases. However, they did not see motorcycles in a stunning 65 percent of cases.

5 things you should know about distracted driving

Distracted driving accidents are all too common these days, and part of the reason is that people just don't understand the problem. For instance, did you know that thousands of people die in these accidents every year? They're by no means a minor problem.

To help paint the picture a bit better, here are five things you must know:

  1. Distractions last even after the activity ends. Mentally, you're still thinking about what you were doing, rather than driving. For instance, a study discovered that people who used hands-free devices with voice commands were still distracted, even after they finished giving commands, for about 27 seconds.
  2. Hundreds of thousands of distracted drivers are on the road at any given second, all across America. One study claimed there were 660,000 who were distracted by electronic devices alone.
  3. It goes well beyond cellphone use. Eating and drinking behind the wheel is a huge issue, and 86 percent of drivers in one poll admitted that they had done so.
  4. Even your mood can be a serious distraction. People who are feeling overly emotional -- sad or angry, in many cases -- often do not pay attention to the road.
  5. Parents are among the most distracted drivers when they have their children in the car with them. One study looked at simple 16-minute trips in the car and found that parents did not look at the road for a stunning 202 seconds each trip -- 3 minutes and 22 seconds, on average.

Pennsylvania lawmaker accused of crashing government car twice

A Pennsylvania lawmaker is facing serious accusations that she drove a government car, which is paid for by her taxpayers, while she had a suspended driver's license. According to reports, she's also been accused of causing a car accident in that same vehicle, and she then allegedly fled the scene of the crash.

The woman was actually charged with driving on that suspended license twice in just 12 days.

Drowsy truck drivers are a danger to Pennsylvania motorists

When a Pennsylvania truck driver is negligent or reckless, it poses a risk for everyone else on the road. This is also the case when a truck driver is tired while behind the wheel. Truckers work long hours and spend a significant amount of time behind the wheel, which may mean they are more prone than other types of drivers to be drowsy. 

Drowsy driving is a significant problem. Exhaustion can impact a trucker's physical reaction abilities as well as his or her cognitive abilities. If you suffered injuries in an accident involving a truck, it is possible that drowsy driving is to blame. You would have the right to seek compensation from all liable parties.

Remaining safe while sharing the road with semitrucks

For many drivers, large trucks are such a common part of driving that they forget just how dangerous these enormous automotive beasts can be. Especially on highways and interstates, large trucks pose serious threats to the safety of consumer drivers, who often behave dangerously when sharing the road.

Sharing the road with a large truck is an important responsibility for consumer drivers. Unfortunately, too many consumer drivers fail to realize just how differently these vehicles operate than their own vehicles, and end up causing or contributing to nearly 80 percent of all large truck accidents.

Truck driving among the most dangerous jobs in the country

Truck driving is among the most dangerous jobs in the country, according to new data released earlier this month. Many already know how dangerous it can be to work as a truck driver by simply watching or reading the news. The trucks are so large, have such a heavy load and are often involved in the most tragic of accidents. So, what does the data say?

The category that truck drivers fall into is called driver/sales workers and truck drivers. On a list of the Top 25 most dangerous jobs, this category hits the list at number seven. In 2016 there were 24.7 fatal injuries suffered among every 100,000 workers in this category.

Big rig safety: How to avoid jackknifing in winter

Jackknifing is a big rig driver's nightmare. Your cab is going one way and your trailer starts going another. If you're lucky, you'll just end up bent at a nearly impossible angle in the middle of the road, disrupting traffic.

If you aren't so lucky, you'll end up on your side or in a roll.

Motorcyclists deserve equal respect on the road

Motorcycle accidents are a serious event for anyone. There is a good chance that a motorcyclist is going to be injured if he or she is hit by another car. For the most part, motorcycle riders are very safe and follow the rules of the road to a T. This is because they realize that the risks of driving without regard to the laws are way too great.

Many drivers forget that motorcyclists have equal rights on the roadways. Some drivers think that because these two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles are smaller, they don't have to give them their rightful right of way. We know that this can lead to devastating crashes.

What should I do after a Lehigh Valley motorcycle accident?

Do you love riding your motorcycle in the Lehigh Valley? No matter where you go, you never fail to see motorcycles enjoying all that the region has to offer. Riding is dangerous even for the most experienced of motorcyclists. So, what should you do if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident in the Lehigh Valley? We take a look at the answer in today's post.

It's important that you remain at the scene following an accident, especially if you've been injured. You will want emergency responders to treat you at the scene prior to being transported to a local hospital. You should never leave the scene of the accident, even if you were not at-fault.

What do drunk drivers look like in Pennsylvania?

It's difficult to know which motorists are causing you particular risk for injury at a given time on a Pennsylvania roadway. That's because hidden dangers often lurk unseen. The driver next to you may look perfectly fine until he or she suddenly veers over into your lane, slamming into the side of your vehicle. Sometimes, you can spot signs that suggest a certain driver may be intoxicated or otherwise distracted behind the wheel. Safely distancing yourself from suspicious drivers is usually a good idea.

Do you know a drunk driver when you see one? Some people are able to function at fairly high levels of agility and cognitive skill when intoxicated so it's not always easy to tell if they're drunk. However, while driving, if you keep a lookout for certain suspicious behaviors, it may help you avert an accident.

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