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Truck driving among the most dangerous jobs in the country

Truck driving is among the most dangerous jobs in the country, according to new data released earlier this month. Many already know how dangerous it can be to work as a truck driver by simply watching or reading the news. The trucks are so large, have such a heavy load and are often involved in the most tragic of accidents. So, what does the data say?

The category that truck drivers fall into is called driver/sales workers and truck drivers. On a list of the Top 25 most dangerous jobs, this category hits the list at number seven. In 2016 there were 24.7 fatal injuries suffered among every 100,000 workers in this category.

Big rig safety: How to avoid jackknifing in winter

Jackknifing is a big rig driver's nightmare. Your cab is going one way and your trailer starts going another. If you're lucky, you'll just end up bent at a nearly impossible angle in the middle of the road, disrupting traffic.

If you aren't so lucky, you'll end up on your side or in a roll.

Motorcyclists deserve equal respect on the road

Motorcycle accidents are a serious event for anyone. There is a good chance that a motorcyclist is going to be injured if he or she is hit by another car. For the most part, motorcycle riders are very safe and follow the rules of the road to a T. This is because they realize that the risks of driving without regard to the laws are way too great.

Many drivers forget that motorcyclists have equal rights on the roadways. Some drivers think that because these two-wheeled or three-wheeled vehicles are smaller, they don't have to give them their rightful right of way. We know that this can lead to devastating crashes.

What should I do after a Lehigh Valley motorcycle accident?

Do you love riding your motorcycle in the Lehigh Valley? No matter where you go, you never fail to see motorcycles enjoying all that the region has to offer. Riding is dangerous even for the most experienced of motorcyclists. So, what should you do if you are ever involved in a motorcycle accident in the Lehigh Valley? We take a look at the answer in today's post.

It's important that you remain at the scene following an accident, especially if you've been injured. You will want emergency responders to treat you at the scene prior to being transported to a local hospital. You should never leave the scene of the accident, even if you were not at-fault.

What do drunk drivers look like in Pennsylvania?

It's difficult to know which motorists are causing you particular risk for injury at a given time on a Pennsylvania roadway. That's because hidden dangers often lurk unseen. The driver next to you may look perfectly fine until he or she suddenly veers over into your lane, slamming into the side of your vehicle. Sometimes, you can spot signs that suggest a certain driver may be intoxicated or otherwise distracted behind the wheel. Safely distancing yourself from suspicious drivers is usually a good idea.

Do you know a drunk driver when you see one? Some people are able to function at fairly high levels of agility and cognitive skill when intoxicated so it's not always easy to tell if they're drunk. However, while driving, if you keep a lookout for certain suspicious behaviors, it may help you avert an accident.

Common causes of Lehigh Valley truck accidents

Navigating the roads of the Lehigh Valley can be quite dangerous. The major highways are constantly jammed with high volumes of traffic. The side streets can be just as crowded depending on the time of day. Large trucks are a common sight on these roads, so today we will discuss the common causes of Lehigh Valley truck accidents.

One of the most common causes of a large truck accident is when a vehicle turns left in front of the truck at an intersection. There are various reasons for this type of accident, but most often it is due to a vehicle's driver not being able to anticipate the speed of an approaching truck and its distance before making the turn.

Watch for these hazards when driving during the fall season

The fall season in the Lehigh Valley is one of the most popular among residents and tourists. There's so much that nature has to offer, including the changing foliage. As the fall season moves forward, more and more dangers lurk on the roads of the area. Here are some common hazards you must be on the lookout for this fall season.

The fall months between October and December are very dangerous for drivers due to deer mating season. Deer are out in numbers during this time as they mate and prepare for the winter weather. You will see more of them running along the side of the road and running into the road. Take extra caution when driving at dawn and dusk, as these are the most common times deer are active.

Distracted driving accidents increase without documentation

Distracted driving has become an epidemic across the country. The biggest distraction facing drivers of all ages and skill levels is the use of a mobile phone while behind the wheel of a vehicle. Many states have banned texting while driving and other hand-held use of phones and electronics but the laws have not curbed the distracted driving epidemic.

When it comes to federal records, the government is failing to record traffic deaths related to distracted driving as such. The United States experienced decades of declining fatalities on the roads until the last two years. In those two years, traffic deaths jumped by 14.4 percent. In 2016, more than 100 people died each day in or near vehicles. It marked the first time in more than a decade that the statistic reached triple digits.

What are 5 important things to do after a car accident?

There's only so much you can do to prepare for a car accident. You can take all the safety measures possible and still find yourself on the side of the road exchanging information. You are only as safe as the other drivers around you, even if you are the safest of drivers in the Lehigh Valley. So, what are five important things you should do after a car accident?

If at all possible, move the vehicles to a safe area, preferably off the side of the road. If the vehicles are disabled, activate the four ways and light flares so approaching vehicles know that an accident occurred.

Protecting yourself on a motorcycle from common accidents

The Lehigh Valley is one of the best regions in Pennsylvania to ride a motorcycle. The roads are open, wide and surrounded by nature. With the fall foliage on the way, more and more motorcycles will be on the road taking in all this beautiful region has to offer. Here's how you can protect yourself on a motorcycle from common accidents.

It's not uncommon for other vehicles to slam into the back of motorcycles, especially when the bikes are stopped at an intersection. There's not much you can do to avoid this when in motion, but you can put yourself in favorable spots when stopped. Place your bike in between two stopped cars at an intersection so no one can hit you from behind. If there's no car in front of you, put the bike as close to the side of the road as possible.

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