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Are some motorcycles safer than others?

When you mention that you ride motorcycles to people, you probably receive a lot of feedback from them telling you how dangerous it is to do so. People who give such responses probably don't realize that many different motorbikes exist, including cruisers, touring and sports ones. Some are more dangerous than others.

Cruisers are often sturdy and lightweight. Motorcyclists have to invest a bit more effort in moving in and out of traffic on these, yet they can absorb significant force in a crash thanks to their strong frame.

Trucks leave large gaps between vehicles; they do it for a reason

When looking to merge on a multi-lane road, the first thing you look for is a gap. You need space to get in, and you try to adjust your vehicle to the flow of traffic, signal, and then move into the gap. Seems easy, right?

Unfortunately, when driving around big rigs and semitrucks, it's not that simple. Drivers often make mistakes due to their experience driving around other small passenger vehicles. This can lead to accidents.

Commercial vehicle accidents are most common during the day

We know well that driving at night is more dangerous and increases accident odds. Young drivers especially understand this for two reasons. First, they actually find it harder and more intimidating to drive at night. Second, they have to spend designated hours driving at night to get a license, stressing the extra risks.

When you're looking at accidents involving commercial vehicles, though, the statistics show that most accidents happen during the day. You typically cannot blame a lack of visibility due to low light for these crashes. They happen when the sun is out and everyone can see. So, why is it that they happen so often during what should be the safest times to drive?

5 signs an elderly person needs to stop driving

It's difficult to tell an elderly loved one that they need to stop driving. However, it may also be impossible to avoid.

If you need to have this conversation for their own safety -- and that of others on the road -- it can help to provide specific examples of why you think that they should stop. Don't just note that it's common at their age. They're likely to say that they can still drive safely, even if others cannot.

Speeding is about more than losing control

Many people assume that the danger of speeding comes from the fact that it's harder to control the car. They could lose control, spin out, and crash into someone else or a stationary object on the side of the road.

Ironically, this is why some people feel safe speeding. They can feel that they are still in control of the car. Maybe they're experienced speeders who do it all the time. They're not worried about causing an accident, so they think it's safe enough to speed.

The autumn motorcycle season is almost here

In some ways, riding your motorcycle in the autumn is even better than riding it in the summer. You get cooler temperatures, which can be nice when wearing leather or a protective suit. You get the beautiful leaves in Pennsylvania, which can be reason enough to go for a ride as they change colors. It's a wonderful time of year.

However, riding in the fall does come with some new hazards. First and foremost, the days are getting shorter. Rides that would have been well-lit in the summer are now done at dusk or even in the dark. This changes your visibility, making it harder for other drivers to see you, and could lead to an accident.

5 things you should know about night motorcycle riding

Riding a motorcycle at night can feel fun and exhilarating if you're just going out for the enjoyment of the ride. During the hot days of the summer, it can also be a way to take advantage of the cooler temps; you're going to get hot riding at noon in a leather jacket and a helmet. And, for those who use a motorcycle as their main means of transportation, night riding may just be unavoidable.

That said, night riding does come with its own challenges and accident risks. Here are five things you should know:

  1. Your lights need to be properly set up not just to make it easier for you to see, but so they make your bike as visible as possible to other drivers.
  2. It's dangerous to drive when you're tired or fatigued, so stay off of your bike when you feel this way.
  3. Never drink and ride. If you're going to the bar, find a designated driver or hire a rideshare driver instead of taking your bike.
  4. Speed is especially dangerous at night. Slow down. You already have less reaction time because it's dark, and excessive speed just cuts that even more.
  5. Defensive driving is the key to staying safe. Remember that other drivers may not see you, may not drive safely around you or may be intoxicated. A defensive driver works to see the hazards in advance, allowing them to keep their distance and avoid a crash.

Physical, mental repercussions of car accidents can last

For far too many people, car accidents can have lasting effects. Even if people do not suffer severe physical injuries, they can still sustain mental or emotional trauma that affects them for an extended period of time. Though you may have hoped to avoid involvement in this type of incident, you, like many other Pennsylvania residents, were not so lucky.

Most people find themselves involved in a car accident at some point. While some of those incidents may be minor, others are severe. You may have recently suffered serious injuries in a car crash and wonder how these injuries will affect you in the long term.

What if your car accident affects your income?

Car accidents clearly affect your life from the moment they happen. This is true even when just your car is damaged, but especially so when you suffer injuries. You may need to spend time in the hospital recovering and healing. Even after getting released, you may need more recovery time at home. It only takes a split second for another driver to cause a crash, but you could be paying for it for weeks.

But what if your injuries are more than a short-term issue? What if that car accident causes you to lose your job?

Load shifts can cause unavoidable accidents

When you see a semitruck go around a corner and roll, what is your first thought? Do you assume that the driver must have been going too fast?

This type of accident is very dangerous, especially for those who may be riding next to the truck on the road. A semi can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds and can crush other vehicles in a second. It is true that some of these accidents happen when drivers are speeding, but that's not the only reason.

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